Social Media – then and Now

I joined LinkedIn in 2005 when it had fewerThumbs up for social media than 1m members and really started paying attention to Social Media, from a business perspective, in 2008. It all started quite slowly, and then, like a snowball rolling down a hill, gathered speed and increased size and penetration at an increasingly rapid rate.

Earlier this week I came across some stats that compared Social media in 2010 to the state of play today and it makes for really interesting reading.

Twitter 2010

  • 75m user accounts, …of which only around 15m were active users
  • 27m Tweets per day [average]

Twitter 2013

  • 883m user accounts and 232m monthly active users.
  • 500m Tweets per day [average]

LinkedIn 2010

  • 50m members worldwide.

LinkedIn 2013

  • 259m members after increasing its user base by 40% in a year.

Facebook 2010

  • 350m monthly active users.
  • 50% of active users logged into Facebook each day, 175m per day
  • 65m users accessed Facebook through mobile devices.
  • 3.5Bn pieces of content shared each week

Facebook 2013

  • 1.19bn monthly active users.
  • 61% of users log on every day, that’s 727m active daily users
  • 874m monthly active mobile users
  • 33.25bn pieces of content links, news, blogs, etc.) shared every week.

Wikipedia 2010

  • 14m articles and 85,000 contributors.

Wikipedia 2013

  • 30m articles in 287 languages and 125,900 active registered users.

So what does this mean to the typical small business?

Simply that Social Media of all forms is here to stay and if you haven’t incorporated Social Media activity in to your marketing plan you really need to because you’ll probably find that your competition are there ahead of you!

Just make sure that you know which of the Social Media sites that you should be using  -ask your existing customers which ones they use and use this as your guide – you could always conduct a simple survey using

If you are unsure how to proceed, or want some help making your Social Media activity more focused and effective then please get in touch and we’ll explore the way ahead. Call me on 01793 238020 or drop an email to